Biblical Weight Loss

There are many people who struggle trying to lose weight. Some have successes but short lived. Usually a person gets excited with the whole thing about losing weight quick with a program aggressively advertised initially and of course lose some pounds. Then after awhile this person gets stuck for some reason and slowly everything stops. The person later ends up gaining back the pounds lost quicker than he lost it and sometime gaining back more than what he lost.

This is a common story from many weight loss enthusiasts and seem not given attention by the weight loss industry as they continue to advocate that you can lose weight quick with their weight loss programs. This is a sad reality because some become hopeless and even fall into depression.

Biblical weight loss programs have risen and are becoming popular. Many testify that they they work. Some people wonder how they work because they are very similar to other popular weigh loss programs in almost all aspects. What makes them unique? Is there a religious magic ritual done to make them work? Is there a special diet, or exercises applied in secret that makes them effective?

From the way it is called, Biblical weight loss program, is where its uniqueness comes from. What govern this program are Bible based principles. That means although same exercise and nutrition facts are applied, they are seen through a different perspective. The approach to the general weigh loss program is quite different.

The major difference between Biblical weight loss program to other programs is the fact that the diet and exercise comes only secondary in terms of priority in losing weight. The priority is in identifying the inner self sabotaging beliefs and attitudes the person have and eliminating them first before exercise and diet becomes effective. This comes from the Biblical verse that says we need not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12: 2).

This simply means to change ones mind and pattern it to God's own word and wisdom. With a renewed mind one can be rightly connected with the source of power, God and be much more motivated to achieve the weigh loss needed. Biblical weigh loss program also stands on the Biblical truth that God wants us to have healthy and attractive bodies as it is our responsibility to take care of it because our body is God's temple (I Corinthians 6:19).

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