Christian Diet

The weight loss industry is one of the most lucrative industries these days. Because of improper lifestyle people are having problems with weight that lead to more physical ailments and complications. This is what the weight loss industry has taken advantage of. It has offered countless programs that cater to different weigh loss needs, preference, age, status in society and so on. But one common denominator in all these weigh loss programs is that many of their enthusiasts fail to have the ideal and standard weight.

In the weight loss industry these programs can be categorized into three: dietary change, exercise and will power. Among these 3 what is getting so popular is dietary changes. People are too busy to do exercise or to work their will power on weight loss and so they resort to dieting. There are some successes with this program but most of the time in the initial stages only. People tend to gain more weight than they have lost after awhile. An alternative and unique approach is now being offered by the Christian community and this is the Christian diet.

Before explaining further about Christian diet let me tell you something about exercise and will power. Exercise is necessary like that of diet. It is something that we need to maintain a very good general health. But with regards to weight loss exercise has failed so many. This is because exercise is only one secondary part of the real weight loss program that works. With regards to will power, it is also a source of depression and frustration to many because human will power is limited and so finite that it can be overwhelmed easily by other forces leaving the individual hopeless.

These 3 major approaches to weight loss program fail because they fail to deal with the root cause of the problem. The problem lies in the mind. It has been found out through a new clinical study that people fail because of “self sabotaging beliefs and attitudes” they have in their minds. These are misinformation from the advertising industry that continues to say that you can lose weight through dietary changes, exercise and will power alone.

Christian diet which Christian weight loss programs offer on the other hand is unique. This diet is pretty much the same as those other diet programs and what makes it unique is that this diet as well as exercise comes only secondary to the Bible based principle of changing or renewing ones mind. Will power in this program becomes power from God Himself and not only from the individual. This approach is a change of perspective basing everything in God’s word and wisdom.

I strongly recommend a site that can explain to you this life changing approach which includes the Christian diet from God’s word that makes the whole weigh loss program successful. This site is This program will help you identify and deal first with your “self sabotaging beliefs and attitudes” that will infuse in you the divine power for diet and exercise to work successfully.

This program at you will have the opportunity to change your thinking which will in turn now support you in reaching your goals or what the body that God wants you to have for it is His temple. He wants it to be healthy and attractive (I Corinthians 6:19)