Christian Weight Loss Books

If you are looking for books on weight loss programs there are many in the bookstores health section as well as on the internet. These books have programs that are belonging to three popular categories of the weight loss industry and they are: Dietary changes, will power and exercise. There are numerous programs for each of these approaches and some other as combinations of these three. But have you noticed that there are still too many who fail with these programs even with their claims of being fast and effective weight loss programs?

One new added to the weight loss industry shelves are Christian weight loss books. These books offer something new not just to Christians but to anybody who would want a program with a permanent effect. The new stuff are not in terms of exercises or diet, but rather on the approach to weigh loss.

The major difference of Christian weight loss programs is in the initial step to weight loss. With the traditional programs people immediately go through diet and exercises with positive self affirmations. These take the major roles, but in the Christian approach they are secondary. The first step is in dealing with issues of the mind in terms of attitudes and beliefs.

In Christian weight loss books this is explained as the mind being the major and central position in the control of ones behavior. What is in the mind is what a person will do and will affect his response to anything. In the mind are bad issues that need be dealt with first before exercise and diet becomes effective. This approach is taken from the scripture verse that says that Christians should conform to the ways of this world but rather be transformed by the renewing of their minds (Romans 12:2).

One example of the issues that need be corrected in the mind is that God is not concerned about our physical condition. This is not true because in the first place He made us to have bodies and second He considers our bodies as His temple. If it is His temple then it follows that we are given responsibility to make it healthy and attractive. This is based on I Corinthians 6:19. God desires and intends us to have healthy bodies.

There are several electronic based Christian weight loss books on the internet. I did a researched on some of them and one program that I can recommend and has caught my interest and attention is at The program in this site will provide for you a complete 7 weeks program with mind renewing scriptural references and an 87 customizable exercise. You only choose the exercises that best work for you.

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