Christian Weight Loss Plan

Plans are suppose to work and bring the desired result. But there are some plans that are organized and designed thoroughly but either has less or no effect at all. One of these are weight loss plans and programs that are made as “one size fits all” programs and in reality they do not work for all. This is a major reason why there are many people who are always jumping from one weight loss program to another, because they can't just have that success they desire. Hopelessness and depression are experienced by some.

An alternative to these traditional weigh loss programs is the Christian weight loss plans. Some may ask why they have become an alternative when they are very much similar to secular or traditional weigh loss plans. Yes, this is true they are quite similar to traditional plans, but they have very big distinctions and these distinctions are what makes them alternatives.

The most distinctive quality of a Christian weight loss plan is in the approach to weight loss. In traditional and secular programs efforts are first made in three areas: exercise, will power and diet but not with the Christian programs. These 3 are also included in Christian plans but they do not take central or first priority. They have a significant role in the plans, but only secondary.

Why so you may ask. They take secondary positions because they do not deal with the root cause of the problem. In a Christian weight loss plan the first step is to deal with the person's mindset first. The mind has all the central beliefs and attitudes that govern behavior and it is the damaging beliefs and attitudes that makes people fail. There is a need to change the mind or in Christian terms “renewing of the mind”. This principle is based on Romans 12:2 that says that Christians should not conform to the ways of the world but have to renew their minds.

There are other distinctions of a Christian weight loss plan like the belief that the main reason why people fail is their non-acceptance that they are addicted to food. This is called the sin of Gluttony, basically the excess self indulgence to food and other things like sex, money, clothes and more. To acknowledge this and turn away from it will change the attitude one will have in terms of diet and exercise, giving Him the solid motivation to succeed..

I did a search on a certain Christian weight loss plan on the internet and I discovered several of them. But one plan that stood out among them is at This program is solidly based on a 200+ scriptures whose truth and power have now been confirmed by extensive clinical research. With this program also includes a 7-week program of mind renewing scriptural references and a set of 87 exercises customizable to the best the fits you and works best for you.

Included in this Christian weight loss plan is also a customizable diet plan. This diet plan is not like the other diet plans where you get a generic kind of plan. This diet plan is designed to adjust to your own needs, preferences and what best works for you. These and more you can discover at for you to be successful in having that healthy and attractive body God meant for you to have.