Christian Weight Loss Support

The Christian Church is full of overweight women these days. This is one common thing you would see if you are in the Sunday school, with the Church choir and as you look around during the worship service. Christians seem to accept prevalence of people getting overweight. There is a tendency to accept this as nothing but normal because they see that even their ministers and Church leaders are overweight and they seem not to worry or care about it.

The Body is the Holy Spirit’s temple as found in I Corinthians 6:19. It follows that if your body is the temple of God, then it is your responsibility to take good care of it and being overweight is an indication of negligence of this responsibility. You would see thighs, waist and bellies as full of excess fat, but the real problem is in your mind. You have come to accept it as normal because not one talks against it in Church nor remind you of your Christian responsibility to your own body.

If you are overweight you need a Christian weight loss support. With this support you would be constantly encourage to take the best care of your body for God. With this kind of a group you will also be reminded of another cause of being overweight and that is the love of food. It may not be easy to accept it but it is true. Most people who are overweight love to eat. The Bible associates this to gluttony and is a sin. Excess love for food is sin.

Losing weight is not a matter of dietary changes, or exercise or even will power first. It is a matter of changing the way we see it. It is changing our perspective to how the Word of God sees it. Why do we love to eat? When is it considered to be sin when we eat? What is the proper role of food? The Word of God guides Christians in this, by saying that Christians should not conform to the patterns of this world but to be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2). And the best opportunity to do this is with a Christian weight loss support.

A very good Christian weight loss support in the internet which I highly recommend is found in With this group first of all you will be encouraged by fellow Christians and by God’s Word. You will learn the reason why people fail to lose weight. With this you will learn how to lose weight from the inside out backed up by scientific information you might not even have heard of.

With this Christian weight loss support you will be able to stay in a program and lose weight guilt free because you are doing what is according to God’s word. With this you will be using advanced techniques in losing weight that has been proven and tested as very effective. These things you will be able to learn more as you join in this Christian weigh loss support group.

So, come and visit and also learn how to keep the healthy body you will be working so hard to have for God.