Christian Women Weight Loss

Churches are not quite different from other places in the world. One of the things you would notice is the great number of overweight people in churches. This is a major concern among Christian leaders because it is destroying the Christian testimony and takes away the essential distinction of the Church in the world today.

Being Christian and overweight is already a concern, worse if you are a woman. There is an unspoken expectation from the general populace for women to be attractive and rightly so. Because this is right then therefore it is also right for women to meet this expectation to maintain a good testimony of the Church and as individual Christians. There is a need for a Christian women weight loss program to deal with this problem.

Why a Christian women weight loss program? It is because the traditional weight loss programs are failing women including Christian women in their efforts to lose weight and plunging some into depression, frustration and hopelessness. This is happening because in the first place these methods deal with the symptoms and not the inner, major cause of the problem of being overweight.

The real reason for being overweight is over eating. This is one of the truths that is hard to accept and acknowledge because it only brings guilt and shame. Overeating is sin. It is called gluttony. It is basically the excessive selfish indulgence with worldly pleasure which includes food, sex, money, alcohol and more. It is an addiction which basically means that food becomes the master, and takes the place of God. This is why it is sin and God hates it.

What happens in the Church is that because many of us are guilty of this sin, we silently excuse each other and allow each other to continue with this sin. In fact some of our ministers are overweight themselves. This is not good for ourselves and we become examples of evil instead of good. But there is no reason to stay in this situation. It is time to acknowledge this sin, ask forgiveness from God and turn away from it.

If you have done this and still struggle with your weight with a traditional weight loss program, then it is time for you to switch to a Christian women weight loss program at With this program you are going to deal with the problem inside out, meaning you are going to transform yourself by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2) through God's word and wisdom. This is changing your beliefs and attitudes the body and health and have the the motivation, drive and strength coming from the Holy Spirit to make exercise and diet work effectively.

I recommend for a Christian women weight loss program because it has the program that will help you through God's word to understand how your body actually works, how it handles food and how God sees the body and health. With these you can make informed choices about how you should eat and exercise to the glory of God, influencing people towards what is good and making a great testimony for God.